Development Milestones

Changelog Apr 15th 2021

  • app updates

    • ui / ux

    • auctions logic upgrades

    • auctions functionality upgrades

Changelog Mar 31st 2021

  • blockchain node upgrades

    • big data storage

    • parathread (foundations)

    • upgrade substrate to v3 ✓

  • IPFS upgrades

  • blockchain multiNode upgrades

  • dataProtocol logic upgrades

  • updates to ethereum node

  • swagger everything that needs swaggering :)

Changelog Mar 5th 2021

  • implement new website design ✓ desktop ✓ tablet ✓ mobile ✓

  • new brand book ✓

  • implement new app design and UI

  • ML reputation scores ✓

  • basic Node compute ✓

  • compute support ✓

  • fast-gateway ingestor updated: if a dataprovider node (DPnode) has tech issues delivering data to the ingestor provide an analytical dataset with 10s, 60s, 5m, 10m, 30m, 1h, 6h, 12h, 24h averages. The same is applied when the DPnode refresh time is lower than the requested refresh time ✓


Milestone #3 Feb 2nd 2021

The nodes need to be able to get data as-it-happens and can't rely on pulling the data. We want to add live data streaming through websockets. At this point compute is available (outlier, pricing bands etc.) and is specific per data protocol. Most, if not all of the requests from data clients will be implemented, whether they are data protocol support or compute functionalities

  • data streaming through websockets ✓

  • frontend admin panel for auctions / bids / oracles / profiles ✓

  • frontend signup/login ✓

  • frontend add oracles / config file generator / private key generator ✓

  • Code base migration (rust where it makes sense) ✓

  • dataProvider node updates ✓

    • protocols ✓

    • serve or pull mechanism ✓

    • update notification func ✓

  • better data protocol definition and flexibility ✓

  • data gateway upgrades (rust/warp)

In progress

  • frontend bids / auctions

  • cumulus integration parachain/parathread

  • new UI and UX

  • additional documentation and examples

Milestone #2 Jan 15th 2021

Support added for different data protocols:

  • additional data protocol code pushed (named OraoSensors - class MQTT) ✓

  • datasource demo wss server for IoT ✓

  • "generic" dataprovider for wss (websockets) sources ✓

  • sports data protocol

  • movies data protocol based on IMDB ✓

Plus a scattering of other improvements:

  • tested new data protocol ingestion ✓

  • data gateway in rust, response times lowered to 5ms ✓

  • fast scaling node updates ✓

  • blockchain explorer ✓

We may add sports data and movies data sources at this point as well. Other than the data agnostic protocol support, an important part of this milestone is provider reputation scoring. This means we will have trained models for the data protocols we demo and this will be a part of data provider reputation scoring. During this milestone we will work towards moving nodejs codebase to more performance-oriented languages and optimizing topology.

Milestone #1 Dec 19th 2020

  • The PoC reads the data from the external data source ( API in this case) as a dataProvider node. The data providers can get the docker images at ✓

  • This data is sent to the gateway which transforms the data based on conditions (floats, rounds etc. in this case), it adds mock provider and data scores. ✓

  • At this point, the data is available to the orao offchain worker which acts as a passive reader. It launches on every block, checks the gateway and writes the update (if there is an update). ✓

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