Predefined Data Protocols

When data is transmitted through an oracle on ORAO, it is normalized to comply with one of our predefined Data Protocols. For example, a generic request for the state of Bitcoin trading would return:

  • {

But of course, financial data is already covered by multiple other oracle platforms. ORAO however offers a wide range of predefined Data Protocols, allowing for data markets for all kinds of information. For example, an insurance smart contract may need to request environmental data from local environmental sensors. Casting a wide net the smart contract might receive the following:

  "temperature_celsius": 10.53072,
  "temperature_celsius_raw": 14.03072,
  "temperature_fahrenheit": 62.5584,
  "temperature_tolerance": 0.2,
  "humidity": 51.67533,
  "humidity_tolerance": 2,
  "humidity_abs": 6.219711,
  "humidity_abs_tolerance": 0.251124,
  "gas_raw": 121,
  "gas_lpg": 1,
  "gas_co": 1,
  "gas_smoke": 4

Of course, there is some redundancy in the information, and the buyer may not have need of both temperature and humidity values. Thus it is possible to request more or less information.

ORAO supports the creation of new Data Protocols as demand is identified. Maybe there is demand for verification of arbitrary information like who starred in a certain movie. To show the range of our Data Protocols we have already created one for this exact purpose - connecting to IMDB to draw information from their databases on demand.

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