Cross-Chain Interoperability with Polkadot

With the explosive growth of blochain since its invention, and especially in the last few years, it has become untennable for oracle platforms to only support a single chain. One of the most restrictive limitations on earlier platforms is that they chose one chain (Typically Ethereum) and build for oracles to only ever operate on that one chain.

We believe Ethereum has a strong future, we really do. But we also look around and see that it is never going to be the only relevant base layer, especially with climbing network fees and with Ethereum 2.0 still years away from relieving congestion on the original chain.

So. We have built ORAO from the ground up for Polkadot, where we will run a parathread. This allows ORAO to ensure the fastest possible, most secure and best scaling cross-chain transfers and operations. Through the native interoperability of Polkadot we can implement oracle gateways on Ethereum, Cosmos, EOS and any number of other blockchains as we see demand. Currently the most popular blockchain for dApp development is Ethereum (See the recent explosion in DeFi applications) - which we naturally support from the get go. With the scaling difficulties and high network fees currently experienced on Ethereum, however, we believe demand for oracles will increase on other blockchains as well, and by positioning ourselves on Polkadot it will be easy for Orao to expand wherever demand may arise.

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